Ezra: May His Memory Be For A Blessing


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Ezra's story is unique. Teenage suicide isn't.
In this intimate and incredibly moving documentary, we meet Ezra, a spirited and engaging teenager who loves making art and music, traveling, Judaism, and so much more. Through the haunting imagery and emotion evoked by Ezra's art and music, and deeply personal interviews with Ezra’s family, friends, and teachers, we learn about this remarkable young man, his impact on those who love him, and the devastating loss they feel now that he is gone. We also gain a no-holds-barred insight into teenage suicide and the seemingly incomparable challenges faced by those left behind. This is a must-see film—one that is ultimately filled with compassion, beauty, hope, and love. It is a film that challenges each of us to bring the discussion of teen suicide to the table to remove the stigma and bring compassion to those that have been touched by this tragedy.


Directed by Walter Schlomann

Produced by Walter Schlomann

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