How to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro - With and Without Crutches


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A documentary film by Michael Scheyer about the power of thought and how anyone can manage to climb the highest mountain in Africa.
German mountaineer Thomas Lämmle climbed Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen. After a serious accident with a paraglider, which he only barely survived, he was in a wheelchair - with the suspicion that he would never be able to walk again. But he could not resign himself to that. He began to train hard and set himself a goal: to climb his beloved Kilimanjaro once again. "And if that's only possible with crutches, then so be it." In September 2021, Thomas Lämmle climbed Africa's highest mountain with crutches. His doctor will later describe it as a minor medical miracle. On the way, he explains to six Swabians who are climbing for the first time how high-altitude mountaineering works. And: What the secret behind the breathing technique he researched is.


Directed by Michael Scheyer

Written by Michael Scheyer

Production Company Atelier für sehenswerte Medien

Produced by Michael Scheyer

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