One Last Drop


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A Documentary on the Ripple Effect of Alcohol, Athletics, and Love
One Last Drop is a documentary feature film that dives deeply and intimately into Ryan Stock’s relationship, and imbalance, with alcohol, athletics, and love—or, more accurately, the revelation they have been an imbalance for him throughout his life. The story starts with day one of Stock bottoming out with the discovery he has a problem with alcohol, then weaves in stories of alcohol, athletics and love as he reflects back on his life and what led him to this exact moment. Based on the best-selling sports psychology memoir One Last Drop, the film documents in a raw and vulnerable way the imbalances that Stock felt so intensely during the first 30 days he decided to stop drinking. Then, in a series of reenactments of past experiences, the film adds depth, layers, and power to Stock’s experiences both past and present. The experiences are documented in letters to his 5-year-old son as he writes about his feelings and emotions as he recovers.


Directed by Ryan Stock
Betty Chung

Written by Ryan Stock

Production Company Conscious Human Productions & Crystal Daisy Productions

Produced by Ryan Stock

Cast Shelby Dominguez

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