Reckoning with The Primal Wound


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Filmmaker and adoptee, Rebecca Autumn Sansom, alongside her biological mother, Jill Hawkins, Ph.D., have produced the first feature-length documentary about author Nancy Verrier’s landmark book, The Primal Wound. It’s also the first film to star Verrier herself. The Primal Wound is in it’s 15th printing and has been a bestseller since 1993. The book remains controversial. The film not only deals with relinquishment trauma, but also Verrier’s philosophy that the damage done by the separation of a child and it’s biological mother culminates in a primal wound that must be acknowledged in order to heal. For Sansom, “The Primal Wound was the first time I heard an alternate narrative about adoption. A narrative that resonated with my feelings of loss and grief, one that was never presented to me until I read Verrier’s eerily insightful words.”


Directed by Rebecca Allison Sansom

Written by Rebecca Allison Sansom

Produced by Demetria Kalodimos

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